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Mustard Seeds

It's the beginning of July and I'm planting seeds. I'm just a little behind. May was crazy busy and June was 100˚ (literally). So it's July and I'm planting seeds. The scene from Steal Magnolias keeps playing over and over in my mind. When asked why she plants tomatoes that she doesn't even eat, Weezer says, "I don't know why. I don't make the rules." Old Southern women are supposed to "dig in the dirt," she says. So here I am...following the rules I suppose.

Here's my over-thinking it, plan it to the max, weeks worth of work:

  1. I've prepared my beds with a mixture of compost and native soil.

  2. I've equipped the beds with drip irrigation set up for daily watering on a timer.

  3. I've carefully chosen and planned my space.

  4. I've followed the directions on the seed packets and tucked those tiny potentials in carefully.

  5. I'm waiting....and watching....and waiting.

The wonder of it always catches me when I do this. How IN THE WORLD will this tiny thing make anything, much less something beautiful or tasty? It seems almost absurd, but it's just basic science.

It's simple. It's basic. It's elemental...and out of my control. I can prepare the dirt, gather the seed, plant and water...and then wait and see what happens. All the rest is the miracle of life that God keeps proving to me over and over. He knows that I need this reminder that He's in control...He provides when I work with Him, not against Him. It's simple. It's basic. It's elemental.

...and it's so hard for me.

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